Our principles – integrity, client-centric service, expertise, independence and relevance – have guided GMG’s evolution from a boutique family office to a multi-faceted global financial services provider.

Five guiding principles define the way we work:


GMG acts transparently. Integrity and honesty are core to all that we do. All layers of fees are explicitly shown. We do what we say we’ll do.

Client-centric service

At GMG, we focus on our client’s needs first. We aim to provide you with relevant, cost-effective solutions and are impartial when selecting products, service providers or experts for you. We aim to deliver what you expect from us.


Expertise is key to efficiency. We are good at what we do and focus on keeping abreast with all developments in our fields of expertise. We continuously invest in skills and technology to stay on top of our game. Our professionals deliver creative and efficient solutions and continuously innovate those solutions.


GMG provides its clients with unbiased advice. It’s easy to do when you are independent.

Many of our competitors mention that they can offer you services with an “open architecture”. We don’t have to. We are management owned and therefore are not subject to any larger corporate cross-selling pressures.


Size does matter. In order to be able to provide our clients the reach they need, we need to be a relevant market player. GMG operates globally and works with global institutions. We are active on four continents, have over 100 employees worldwide and our business and professional relationships are institutional in nature.