ESG: Act responsible.
Think sustainable.

We incorporate sustainability factors into our investment decisions. We believe that relevant ESG information can provide appropriate insights into both risk and investment opportunities, with creating and growing wealth, responsibly, always front of mind.

Social responsibility

Our investment framework for Swiss equities includes a sustainable investment strategy that meets ESG standards.

This framework integrates a range of criteria and tools to address and manage the ESG aspect of our investments.

In addition to our financial analysis and portfolio construction technique, we incorporate sustainability factors into our investment decisions. We believe that relevant ESG information can provide appropriate insights into both risk and investment opportunities.



Contribution to climate change
(carbon footprint and C02 emissions)

Environmental opportunities
(renewable energy and technological improvements)

Treatment of natural resources and waste



Human Resources:
safety, health, and continuous training of employees

product and data safety



Corporate governance (composition of the Board of Directors and management, ownership structure)

Corporate behaviour:
participation in transparency, ethics and anti-corruption initiatives

Our Swiss equity management systematically integrates ESG factors into the investment process. We use our internal financial and sustainability analyses in combination with external ESG rating agencies. This approach allows us to generate investment decisions that encompass ESG factors and meet financial and sustainability objectives.

Global ESG




We favour companies that participate in various transparency and sustainable investment initiatives and that meet ESG criteria.

UN Global Initiative
Global reporting initiative
ISO 14001
Code of practice
Supplier code of conduct

Exclusion Criteria

Our approach to sustainable investment outlines clearly defined exclusion criteria. Sectors and companies that have a proven negative impact on society or the environment are excluded from our investment universe. For example, manufacturers of controversial weapons such as landmines, cluster munitions and nuclear, biological and chemical weapons are excluded.

In addition, our sustainable strategies exclude companies that earn more than 5% of their turnover in the fields of conventional weapons and firearms, nuclear energy, tobacco, gambling or pornography.


Focus on carbon footprint

In addition, companies with an exposure of more than 10% in coal-fired power generation are also excluded.

Total CO2
per sale
per assets
Frame 1
Frame 2

Companies active in the extraction and exploitation of non-conventional fossil fuels are excluded if the threshold of 5% of turnover is reached. The extraction of non-conventional energy generates a significant amount of greenhouse gases, air pollution and damage to the ecosystem. Unconventional energies are defined as: oil and gas from shale and oil and gas from oil sands.
Furthermore, companies associated with serious and proven controversies, such as child labour, bribery or fatal accidents, are also excluded if we do not see any corrective action and progress.

Active ownership (proxy voting and commitment)

Participation in the exercise of voting rights makes it possible to influence a company’s activity. We are convinced that our commitment can have a positive impact on the sustainability aspect of the investments held in our portfolios.


A manager may deviate from the process of integrating ESG criteria, provided that there are clear indications of commitment to sustainability measures. A maximum of 30% of the sustainable investment portfolio may be invested in securities or entities for which ESG information is not available. This applies in particular to asset classes for which ESG criteria have not yet been sufficiently defined.

Our values

Five guiding principles define the way we work:



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