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GMG Technology

GMG Technology partners with technology focused Venture Capital firms, Private Equity firms and Family Offices. We offer emerging market technology companies, a unique global Intellectual Property distribution, development and commercialisation platform.

We assist emerging market companies who have developed Intellectual Property with global appeal in setting up distribution for specific or multiple primary markets in a regulatory compliant and efficient manner. We also enhance existing Intellectual Property through further in-house development.

Our branch offices in major cities across the globe, along with our in-depth knowledge of development, regulatory frameworks and distribution makes this possible.

Our clients benefit from a combination of international structuring, compliance and regulatory expertise, and a deep knowledge of tech distribution, sales, funding and exit mechanisms.

The GMG Technology offering:


  • Identify and sign up emerging market products with international appeal.
  • Distribute via Channel, including Sub-distributors, Resellers and Agents.
  • Non-exclusive distribution agreements.
  • Vendor authorizes all Channel Partners.


  • Develop new products (IP) and enhance existing Intellectual Property to build internal Intellectual Property base.
  • Sub-contract experts to do the development.
  • Ensure that all effective management is done by GMG Technology in primary markets, in a regulatory compliant manner.
  • All GMG Technology Intellectual Property is owned in Luxembourg.


  • Sell Intellectual Property to global partners that can effectively commercialise and maximise opportunities.
  • Nominal value charged with profit- and exit participation.
  • Ongoing effective management of the offshore structure.
  • Structured vehicle for Venture Capital Firms and Private Equity Firms to hold equity.

How your business benefits:

  • Access to expert legal and regulatory compliance teams.
  • Distribution and licensing contract management, including vetting and control.
  • Contextualisation and development of Intellectual Property.
  • Roll-out, project management and compliant commercialisation of Intellectual Property.
  • Access to our investor network.
  • Access to specialist global bankers, lawyers, consultants and accountancy firms.


*GMG Technology is a global company with offices and partners across Africa, Europe, Australia, UAE and Mauritius. GMG Technology does not sell any services but rather partners with companies selected by our Board.

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