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Wealth Planning

Building wealth takes energy, effort, dedication and fortitude. Preserving and protecting it for future generations requires meticulous planning and careful structuring. Our team of wealth planning professionals have both the knowledge and experience to provide pragmatic solutions.

GMG Wealth Planning’s expertise, strengthened by in-house access to its various complementary professions, gives us a significant edge.

We create optimal solutions for domestic and international businesses and families supporting their financial goals and practical requirements. Clients benefit from global wealth planning across a range of tax efficient and compliant structures wherever they may be.


Trustee and Directorship Appointment

One of GMG Wealth Planning’s core skills is the provision of experienced professional trustees and independent directors to trusts, foundations, funds and companies. The essence of our solution is the ability to act professionally, independently and manage the respective entities or assets in accordance with best practice principles.

Family Office Services

We support the requirements of clients across a range of affairs, from long-term planning and asset management to routine day to day transactions and administration. We expertly advise on an approach to art management, philanthropy, luxury real estate acquisition as well as yacht and aircraft management.

Succession and Governance

Without careful succession planning and thoughtful preparation, businesses and fortunes are rarely sustained through more than two generations. We help your clients to structure their wealth while it’s being created enabling them to pass on an enduring entrepreneurial legacy to future successors. Wise corporate and family governance are core to achieving the desired results.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is about fully realizing your client’s personal goals and vision for when they pass away. GMG wealth planners will assist with crafting solutions encompassing:

  • Wills and testaments
  • Fiduciary services
  • Trusts & Foundations
  • Philanthropy
  • Estate tax planning
  • Estate Execution and Administration

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