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Notre nouveau centre Insights vous offre des analyses de haute qualité directement de notre équipe de gestion de patrimoine privé et de notre Chief Investment Officer, Belal Mohammed Khan. De la vue macroéconomique au niveau de l’investissement individuel, nos insights offrent une opinion holistique soutenue par les meilleures données du marché.

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    The Fed
    The Fed put has expired — time to hedge

    The Fed put, the market’s expectation that the central bank will come to the aid of markets has been in place for decades. It’s the concept, belief…

    Jerome Powell
    Is the Fed blinded by data?

    Once dubbed ‘transitory’, the Fed’s aggressive action on inflation lacks consideration for supply-side issues…

    Monetary policy
    Normalisation monétaire: lente ou rapide?

    Les perspectives d’inflation ont radicalement changé. Elles se sont aggravées, mais personne ne sait encore pour combien de temps.

    Solidarity’s positive spillover

    The recent developments in Ukraine are surprising, alarming, horrific. However near-global solidarity in support of Ukraine has also been a surprise.

    The euro currency’s future has become less certain

    The significance of the recent horrific developments in Eastern Europe is difficult to fathom but easier to do when…

    Divisions & Uncertainty

    Before the war broke out in Ukraine, our Investment Committee concluded that global growth would decelerate faster, and that monetary policy tightening expectations…

    Forced, planned and unexpected transformation

    In the year 2022 and beyond, we believe that the global economy and global markets will undergo forced…

    Cosmic Complex
    The investment landscape is increasing in complexity

    The subject of growing complexity in the investment landscape has been a frequent topic in our monthly…

    US Federal Reserve
    Quality will prevail

    Quality companies are likely to prevail in a more challenging economic environment highlighted in the October Beige Book report by the US central bank…

    China-US Relations
    Geopolitical shifts, shifting portfolios

    Many variables impact markets and investor behaviour. Unlike economic data and data trends that are easy to understand and interpret, we find that it is increasingly important to analyse the implication of…

    Reflation convictions (video)

    In this investment briefing, our CIO Belal Mohammed Khan summarises GMG’s view on relation and the company’s consequent positioning…