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SIX Swiss China
The SIX Swiss Exchange is an interesting opportunity for Chinese companies and investors

Four Chinese companies issued GDRs in the Swiss capital market through the China-Switzerland Stock Connect…

Secular inflation is the new normal — get ready

While the definition of secular inflation is simple, identifying the variables causing it and detecting the early signs of it are not…

Pocket of opportunity
Pockets of Opportunity – Asset Allocation in Challenging Times

The global macroeconomic backdrop and outlook have become tremendously complex. Economies are moving at different speeds, some contacting or slowing while others are expanding…

NATO 2.0
NATO 2.0 is disrupting markets worldwide, Eurozone investors should take note

The NATO Summit has concluded with one of the most extraordinary and divisive geopolitical developments in recent history…

central banks
Central banks are likely to kill prosperity, not inflation

After completely getting the inflation forecast wrong, central banks are now apparently fully confident in getting it back down…

The pursuit of lasting prosperity

In ancient and modern times, inflation has remained one of the policymakers’ most undesirable economic problems. Once entrenched, inflation can have broad negative…

The Fed
The Fed put has expired — time to hedge

The Fed put, the market’s expectation that the central bank will come to the aid of markets has been in place for decades. It’s the concept, belief…

Jerome Powell
Is the Fed blinded by data?

Once dubbed ‘transitory’, the Fed’s aggressive action on inflation lacks consideration for supply-side issues…

Monetary policy
Normalisation monétaire: lente ou rapide?

Les perspectives d’inflation ont radicalement changé. Elles se sont aggravées, mais personne ne sait encore pour combien de temps.

Solidarity’s positive spillover

The recent developments in Ukraine are surprising, alarming, horrific. However near-global solidarity in support of Ukraine has also been a surprise.

The euro currency’s future has become less certain

The significance of the recent horrific developments in Eastern Europe is difficult to fathom but easier to do when…