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Time for pause; lags and stability concerns

No doubt monetary policy works with a lag; we know this. However, no one knows what that lag may look like, feel like, and more importantly: how long lags may last.

GMG Monthly Insights April 2023: Key Take-Away and Summary
Swiss Central Bank Hikes Rates
Predicting the Fed, Market Volatility and Banking Sector Stress
Government Backstop Reassuring; Long-Term Positive Event
Xi’s Russia trip — Another Game-Changing Event?
US Defense Department’s China Focus

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We’ve identified four major forces transforming the entire investment landscape.

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vague de sociétés chinoises


Une vague de sociétés chinoises arrive à Zurich

Ce qui a d’abord été un simple parachutage au coeur de l’été promet de laisser la place à un débarquement en ordre serré d’entreprises chinoises sur la Bourse suisse…

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In this webinar, Belal discusses the geopolitical environment and its impact on markets, as well as growth, inflation, secular inflation, changes in the globalization narrative, and tactical asset allocation.

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GMG and Quaestor Coach Partner to Expand and Consolidate Swiss Wealth Management Market
GMG Wins Double Honors at Swiss WealthBriefing Awards 2023