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The 2% inflation era is over

The 2% target in a world where secular inflation is setting in and rising is not an achievable target any longer. The 2% inflation era is over.

A debt crisis is coming
Whether by design or default, European peace may be near
Complex times, simple strategy
The SIX Swiss Exchange is an interesting opportunity for Chinese companies and investors
Secular inflation is the new normal — get ready
Pockets of Opportunity – Asset Allocation in Challenging Times

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We’ve identified four major forces transforming the entire investment landscape.

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vague de sociétés chinoises


Une vague de sociétés chinoises arrive à Zurich

Ce qui a d’abord été un simple parachutage au coeur de l’été promet de laisser la place à un débarquement en ordre serré d’entreprises chinoises sur la Bourse suisse…

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In this webinar, Belal discusses the geopolitical environment and its impact on markets, as well as growth, inflation, secular inflation, changes in the globalization narrative, and tactical asset allocation.

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GMG signs partnership with global fintech private equity firm Moonfare
GMG and RE Capital launch real estate fund to manage prime location project in Lisbon