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NATO 2.0


NATO 2.0 is disrupting markets worldwide, Eurozone investors should take note

The NATO Summit has concluded with one of the most extraordinary and divisive geopolitical developments in recent history…

Central banks are likely to kill prosperity, not inflation
The pursuit of lasting prosperity
Calibrating portfolios in transformative times
The Fed put has expired — time to hedge
Portfolios need to be ‘ARMMD’ for the future
Is the Fed blinded by data?

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We’ve identified four major forces transforming the entire investment landscape.

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Expansion of NATO would have negative market impacts: Geneva IAM

The 2022 NATO Strategic Concept document, issued last month at the NATO Summit, could have negative consequences for European bonds and…

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Challenging markets are a symptom of challenging times — times of great change. In our latest webinar, GMG’s Chief Investment Officer, Belal Mohammed Khan, highlights where we see pockets of opportunity in these turbulent markets.

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GMG signs partnership with global fintech private equity firm Moonfare
GMG and RE Capital launch real estate fund to manage prime location project in Lisbon