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    SIX Swiss China
    The SIX Swiss Exchange is an interesting opportunity for Chinese companies and investors

    Four Chinese companies issued GDRs in the Swiss capital market through the China-Switzerland Stock Connect…

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    Secular inflation is the new normal — get ready

    While the definition of secular inflation is simple, identifying the variables causing it and detecting the early signs of it are not…

    Pocket of opportunity
    Pockets of Opportunity – Asset Allocation in Challenging Times

    The global macroeconomic backdrop and outlook have become tremendously complex. Economies are moving at different speeds, some contacting or slowing while others are expanding…

    Expansion of NATO would have negative market impacts: Geneva IAM

    The 2022 NATO Strategic Concept document, issued last month at the NATO Summit, could have negative consequences for European bonds and…

    NATO 2.0
    NATO 2.0 is disrupting markets worldwide, Eurozone investors should take note

    The NATO Summit has concluded with one of the most extraordinary and divisive geopolitical developments in recent history…

    Mathieu Saint-Cyr
    GMG: Nous conseillons toujours l’immobilier indirect à nos clients privés

    Même si les taux d’intérêt remontent, l’immobilier indirect continue d’apporter un rendement supérieur, qui plus est défiscalisé, et les investisseurs, surtout étrangers…

    central banks
    Central banks are likely to kill prosperity, not inflation

    After completely getting the inflation forecast wrong, central banks are now apparently fully confident in getting it back down…

    The pursuit of lasting prosperity

    In ancient and modern times, inflation has remained one of the policymakers’ most undesirable economic problems. Once entrenched, inflation can have broad negative…

    The Fed
    The Fed put has expired — time to hedge

    The Fed put, the market’s expectation that the central bank will come to the aid of markets has been in place for decades. It’s the concept, belief…

    Moonfare: Private market fintech gains a foothold in Zurich

    The Berliners are teaming up with asset manager Geneva Management Group (GMG); the Geneva-based asset manager, founded at the turn of the millennium…

    GMG signs partnership with global fintech private equity firm Moonfare

    The partnership allows GMG to offer its clients a richer choice of investment opportunities in an asset class traditionally reserved for institutional clients.

    Top 50: WMs on whether debt could cause another global crisis

    National over-indebtedness is viewed as a rising risk by credit managers and market participants…

    Jerome Powell
    Is the Fed blinded by data?

    Once dubbed ‘transitory’, the Fed’s aggressive action on inflation lacks consideration for supply-side issues…

    Monetary policy
    Normalisation monétaire: lente ou rapide?

    Les perspectives d’inflation ont radicalement changé. Elles se sont aggravées, mais personne ne sait encore pour combien de temps.

    Solidarity’s positive spillover

    The recent developments in Ukraine are surprising, alarming, horrific. However near-global solidarity in support of Ukraine has also been a surprise.

    Mathieu Saint-Cyr CEO
    Mathieu Saint-Cyr named Leading CEO for WealthBriefing Awards 2022

    Congratulations to GMG’s CEO, Mathieu Saint-Cyr, who has been named leading CEO as part of the WealthBriefing…

    The euro currency’s future has become less certain

    The significance of the recent horrific developments in Eastern Europe is difficult to fathom but easier to do when…

    Divisions & Uncertainty

    Before the war broke out in Ukraine, our Investment Committee concluded that global growth would decelerate faster, and that monetary policy tightening expectations…

    Citywire Top 50 2022
    GMG recognized among Top 50 Asset Managers in Switzerland

    Geneva Management Group has been featured in the fourth edition of the Top 50 Independent Asset Managers list…

    GMG wins ‘Best Boutique’ among other awards at Wealthbriefing Awards 2022

    Geneva Management Group has received three separate awards…

    Comment investir dans le métavers?

    Les amateurs de technologie n’ont pas attendu l’annonce de Facebook pour s’y intéresser. Si le monde virtuel et augmenté…

    Forced, planned and unexpected transformation

    In the year 2022 and beyond, we believe that the global economy and global markets will undergo forced…

    GMG launches real estate fund

    Geneva Management Group (GMG) has launched a real estate feeder fund in partnership with private investments firm RE Capital.

    GMG and RE Capital launch real estate fund to manage prime location project in Lisbon

    GMG and RE Capital launch real estate fund to manage prime location project in Lisbon 24 November 2021 Press Release · Reading time: 2 minutes […]

    Didier Prod'Hom
    GMG appoints Didier Prod’Hom to spearhead development in fast-growing Real Estate business

    Didier joins GMG with more than 30…

    Cosmic Complex
    The investment landscape is increasing in complexity

    The subject of growing complexity in the investment landscape has been a frequent topic in our monthly…

    US Federal Reserve
    Quality will prevail

    Quality companies are likely to prevail in a more challenging economic environment highlighted in the October Beige Book report by the US central bank…

    Digital KYC
    GMG announces client cloud-based software upgrade

    GMG has announced that they now offer clients a fully-digitized Client Lifecycle Management solution…

    China-US Relations
    Geopolitical shifts, shifting portfolios

    Many variables impact markets and investor behaviour. Unlike economic data and data trends that are easy to understand and interpret, we find that it is increasingly important to analyse the implication of…

    Mathieu Saint-Cyr
    [Interview] CEO in less than three years: How this wealth manager is leading GMG

    The company has grown and now has CHF 1bn in AUM. It has also…

    Straumann Group
    L’économie ne se serait peut-être pas mieux portée sans le covid

    La progression de la bourse au cours de l’été et jusqu’à récemment témoigne que les résultats publiés…

    Reflation convictions (video)

    In this investment briefing, our CIO Belal Mohammed Khan summarises GMG’s view on relation and the company’s consequent positioning…

    China and Swiss Flags
    Geopolitical shifts towards multipolarity

    Recently, the geopolitical shifts towards multi-polarity have become more pronounced and visible. This is most evident in the US as well as…

    Opportunities in key developed markets are being overlooked

    GMG’s CIO, Belal Mohammed Khan, believes that markets have not fully priced in…

    Reflation Convictions

    Reflation Convictions 25 August 2021 Market Insight by Belal Mohammed Khan When the consensus is wrong, markets tend to sharply adjust. Higher inflation is here […]

    Jackson Hole
    Uneven Economies, Uneven Markets

    Investor perception of market risk is likely to rise. This will be predominately driven by headline risk concerns emanating from…

    Belal Khan
    GMG appoints Belal Khan as CIO

    PRESS RELEASE: GENEVA, 19 JULY 2021 GMG appoints Belal Khan as Chief Investment Officer Belal Khan will join GMG as Chief Investment Officer (CIO) […]

    New CIO at GMG
    Geneva WM hires CIO from HSBC Private Bank Switzerland

    Geneva Management Group (GMG) has hired Belal Khan (pictured) as CIO, Citywire Switzerland has learned…

    The magnitude of cybercrime

    Data breaches can be expensive. A recent IBM report highlighted that the cost of a data breach in 2020 was standing at $3.86mio…

    Post-Coronavirus, what does emerging market asset look like?

    Mathieu Saint-Cyr, Managing Director, Head of Asset Management and Alain Chevee…

    The case for Japan

    Startled by arcane corporate accounting and high valuations and spooked by the bubble of the late 80s when the Nikkei 225 topped…

    GMG Asset Management ancre son positionnement malgré la crise

    Geneva Management Group (GMG) a récemment obtenu une licence supplémentaire de la FINMA de gestionnaire de fortune collective suisses…

    The risk of rising interest rates

    While current market expectations for US inflation are around 2%, several factors point a higher figure towards the end of the year. The deepening of…

    Time to rebalance?

    The progressive but strong post-pandemic economic rebound led by China towards the end of the year is the key feature of 2021 so far…

    Too big to ignore

    Given the prominence gained by cryptocurrencies recently, we wanted to synthesize the opportunities and risks of investing in this asset class…

    GMG wins big at WealthBriefing Awards 2021

    Best Fund Manager, Most Innovative Solution (in-house), Best CSR/Diversity Programme, Women…

    Tendances des jeunes fortunés

    Traditionnellement, lorsque des personnes fortunées veulent faire la différence…

    Forte percée d’un Genevois très discret

    Sous la direction de Dave Elzas, Belge d’origine mais Genevois d’adoption…