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    Reflation convictions (video)

    In this investment briefing, our CIO Belal Mohammed Khan summarises GMG’s view on relation and the company’s consequent positioning…

    China and Swiss Flags
    Geopolitical shifts towards multipolarity

    Recently, the geopolitical shifts towards multi-polarity have become more pronounced and visible. This is most evident in the US as well as…

    Reflation Convictions

    When the consensus is wrong, markets tend to sharply adjust. Higher inflation is here and here to stay; however, the consensus is that inflation […]

    Jackson Hole
    Uneven Economies, Uneven Markets

    Investor perception of market risk is likely to rise. This will be predominately driven by headline risk concerns emanating from…

    The magnitude of cybercrime

    Data breaches can be expensive. A recent IBM report highlighted that the cost of a data breach in 2020 was standing at $3.86mio…

    The case for Japan

    Startled by arcane corporate accounting and high valuations and spooked by the bubble of the late 80s when the Nikkei 225 topped 25% above today’s levels, international…

    The risk of rising interest rates

     While current market expectations for US inflation are around 2%, several factors point…

    Time to rebalance?

    The progressive but strong post-pandemic economic rebound led by China towards the end of the year is the key feature of 2021 so far…

    Crypto: Too big to ignore?

    Given the prominence gained by cryptocurrencies recently, we wanted to synthetize…

    Post-Coronavirus – What is the outlook for emerging markets?

    At the beginning of 2020, asset managers looked set to take a bullish view on emerging markets. That optimism seemed well-placed too.