Macro insights and market views

Slowing economies or resilient inflation?


About the webinar

In this webinar, Belal discusses the geopolitical environment and its impact on markets, as well as growth, inflation, secular inflation, changes in the globalization narrative, and tactical asset allocation.

Navigating the coming debt crisis


About the webinar

Global debt has reached an alarming level at a time in which global rates are also rising to highs not seen since 2008. Is this the perfect storm for a debt crisis to surface in the months ahead?

In this webinar, the Geneva Management Group’s CIO talks about portfolio positioning for a debt crisis and the need for a cross-sectional investigation into countries, sectors, and companies. In doing so, he looks at the long-debated question of sticky inflation, central bank monetary policy projections, the prospect of climbing default rates, and the consequences of a slowing economy – a burden likely too big to bear for many.

Secular inflation & other headwinds


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As secular inflation becomes the new normal, our CIO walks you through the Geneva Management Group’s global macro-outlook and asset allocation strategy during a time that is “rife with unprecedented uncertainty at each the geopolitical, macroeconomic, policy, and financial markets levels.” We believe it’s best not to assume long-term norms will quickly resurface, given the geopolitical divisions, economic and policy divergence, disruptions, and massive levels of debt. It’s time to reposition.

Pockets of opportunity – Asset allocation in challenging times


About the webinar

Challenging markets are a symptom of challenging times — times of great change. In this webinar, our Chief Investment Officer, Belal Mohammed Khan, highlights where we see pockets of opportunity in these turbulent markets.

In this webinar, we discuss the Business Cycle – where are we, and where are we headed? Tactical Asset Allocation Strategy: stocks to bonds – time for rotation? Cyclical and Secular Trends – Why is value cyclical and secular, and why do we like the ARMM(D) strategy?

Preparing portfolios for recession and uncertainty


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How can investors create resilience in portfolios and weather persistent uncertainty in the market? GMG’s Belal Mohammed Khan discusses these topics and more in our July webinar.

Are we in a bear market?


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Is the economy under control, or are we in for a summer of pain? As the debate on the bear market rages on, our view is clear: the path of least resistance is down. Central banks, driven by their need to reverse some or all of pandemic-related policy stimulus may tip economies into recessionary territory and markets to lower levels. If so, asset class and sector rotation is required.

Calibrating portfolios in transformative times


About the webinar

We are living in transformative times. In this webinar, the Geneva Management Group’s Chief Investment Officer, Belal Mohammed Khan, discusses investment strategy and portfolio position as deceleration tops the list of risks following central bank blunders, myopic government policies, and war in Ukraine, among other challenges.

Beneficiaries of Division


About the webinar

Discover the latest market risks and macro outlook, as well as a new investment concept and the house view from the Geneva Management Group.

Risk vs. solidarity


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As tensions rise in Europe, discover the house view on recent geopolitical developments and their implications on financial markets.

Geopolitical developments and market implications


About the webinar

In this webinar, Geneva Management Group’s Chief Investment Officer, Belal Mohammed Khan, shares the house view on recent geopolitical developments and their implications on financial markets.


We’ve identified four major forces transforming the investment landscape.

Find out more in our investment outlook ‘The Great Transformation’.

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