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Serving families worldwide
for +20 years.

As a Multi-Family Office, we support individuals and families with significant wealth across the globe by deploying our expertise in managing high-net-worth clients and their assets. Our clients benefit from our best practices as well as from our international network of professionals.


Our solutions

Investment Strategy

We translate your goals and objectives into a viable and modern investment strategy, taking into consideration all your bankable and non-bankable assets.

We increase access to alternative investment opportunities essential to wealth preservation.

Our experienced investment team is responsible for mitigating risk, avoiding unnecessary costs and developing and overseeing this prudent strategy for the whole family.

Wealth Planning

We help families to capitalize on the benefits of scale by taking responsibility for the myriad components of a family’s wealth.

With our expertise across jurisdictions, we can develop a robust framework, while our experience with families helps to navigate competing priorities like lifestyle decisions and tax consequences.

We help clients minimize costs and improve risk management functions.

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Institutionalized Family Governance

A shared vision, respected values and specific goals are crucial for sustaining family wealth over generations.

These principles and objectives are best supported by a strong governance structure which anticipates family growth, potential conflicts and the need for ongoing management.

We facilitate discussion and implementation of these highly personal and deeply necessary decisions, including the development of rules, operational structures and a robust ecosystem of trusted advisors.

Wealth Transfer

We take a holistic and personal approach to educating and engaging family members in wealth creation and preservation.

We provide support in smoothing transitions between generations, whether they be baby boomers, millennials or Gen Z and beyond.

The ultimate aim is to encourage a sharp and lasting focus on the future.

Why choose our Family Office?

We help our clients optimize the key elements of their wealth management strategy — our advice and support is unbiased, independent and follows a holistic and sustainable approach.

Unique experience for every client

GMG Family Office offers its clients more than financial advice. Our life advisor approach seeks to understand our client’s needs before creating a tailored solution.

Together with our clients, we implement and professionalize a proposition. We support families that aim to grow and preserve family wealth for future generations. We define strategies that look beyond the current generation and cater to a growing number of younger family members.

Complete package to support growth

Our family office takes professional care of the multifaceted wealth of a family in a professional manner. We take the management of client assets to the next level by defining goals and objectives, and translating them into an actionable strategy. This helps establish clear investment policies to preserve wealth for the long term.

GMG Family Office cares and takes all types of assets into consideration while providing high-level services to family members through a blend of in-house resources and external expertise.

Clients may also benefit from the Asset Management arm of the business, with access to services from a fully regulated Asset Manager authorized by FINMA.

Quality service like no other

The quality of the service we provide is essential for our clients and core to our DNA. We know that our continued success over the years is due to our commitment to excellence.

GMG Family Office services a small number of families with significant wealth around the globe. At the same time, they benefit from economies of scale where it makes sense and share resources. They each receive highly individualised services tailored to their needs.

The complexity of business and wealth structures for a family that is spread across the world requires coordination from a partner who understands the family as a whole and clearly sits on their side of the table.

GMG Family Office aims to be the managerial hub for the families we work with. This goes beyond effectiveness, performance or efficiency of asset management. We seek to offer a greater sense of purpose, alignment and cohesion in the solutions we provide.

Our Family Office Team

Matthieu Daguerre

Matthieu Daguerre

Matthieu joined GMG in 2021 and routinely advises a broad spectrum of corporate clients from multi-national corporations to family-run businesses on the full scope […]

Matthieu joined GMG in 2021 and routinely advises a broad spectrum of corporate clients from multi-national corporations to family-run businesses on the full scope of their emerging & frontier market affairs, with a special emphasis on the UAE and the Middle East, where he has more than 10 years of experience. He regularly advises on topics such as entry-to-market, structuring, joint ventures, corporate governance and economic substance. Matthieu holds a Master's in Law and was admitted to the New York bar in 2012.

Haggay Aidlin

Haggay Aidlin

Haggay Aidlin joined GMG in 2003. Over the years, he became a partner of the group, managing its Swiss office and then acting as […]

Haggay Aidlin joined GMG in 2003. Over the years, he became a partner of the group, managing its Swiss office and then acting as CEO of the Fiduciary Services division. Prior to this, Haggay had served in various financial and fiscal planning positions with large Swiss multinationals. Today, Haggay supports the multi-Family Office arm of the business as a senior wealth planning advisor, drawing on two decades of running asset structuring, administrative services, and corporate functions provision to some of the group’s top clients.

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