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Institutional Structure & Bespoke Approach

Our 20-year track record reflects the professionalism of our teams and our long-term commitment to our clients.

Our wealth management teams give you access to three areas of expertise: discretionary management, allowing you to entrust us with the complete management of your assets, Advisory, investment advice where you can benefit from the various investment opportunities identified by our specialists, and finally the global analysis, reporting and optimisation of your assets, Deep Dive.

Our values and expertise and expertise are what set us apart from traditional players in Asset Management:





Conflict free

Niche investments



Optimized costs




Absolute return of GMG balanced model

GMG Balanced   

Balanced Benchmark  

The balanced benchmark is a portfolio composed of 33% HFRX Global Hedge Fund Index, 33% Bloomberg Barclays Global Aggregate Total Return Index, 33% MSCI ACWI, and 1% Cash (USD).

The products or services mentioned are provided as general information only and are not intended to provide investment advice or constitute a direct solicitation on the provisions of investments services. Past performance does not necessarily predict or guarantee future results.

Management Philosophy

We hold a long-term investment philosophy, based on the real economy and the strong convictions of our Investment Committee. We advocate for investment objectives that favour capital protection and diversification across asset classes.

Asset class allocation is the main contributor to superior performance, far more so than specific asset or manager selection. Our philosophy is therefore to study the long-term impacts of current monetary policies and economic cycles, which will be crucial factors for asset appreciation or depreciation.

Given the difficulty in anticipating market movements in the short term, we build robust portfolios capable of withstanding crises and sudden market movements by combining many asset classes.

As a unique feature of our management philosophy, our portfolios are part of a global approach to managing our clients’ investments. Coherence is what sets a portfolio apart and ensures safety through diversification in the long term. To that extent, we work on liquid investments but also on more illiquid asset allocations, such as Real Estate, Private Equity, Private Debt or Structured Products.

Controlled costs

Invest efficiently by finding the best balance between a manager’s ability to generate out-performance and management fees.

Absolute performance

Combine traditional asset classes with a significant allocation to Absolute Return Strategies.


Propose high liquidity profiles. The performance of illiquid assets is generated in satellite investments such as Private Equity or Real Estate.

Alternative investments

Incorporate short and medium-term investments, depending on market conditions, such as structured products or thematic investments.

Capital preservation

Use of advanced portfolio construction technologies to continuously monitor risk indicators.

A compass to find the best opportunities

As a result of our network of asset managers, banks and hedge fund managers, we have our finger on the pulse of what is happening in the markets and are therefore able to deliver high value-added advice on all asset classes.

Firstly, our approach consists in defining exactly what the client’s investment policy and risk sensitivity are, in order to give the best advice and ensure that the portfolio can achieve the defined long-term objectives set.

We are continuously on the lookout for various investment opportunities on the financial markets and will bring these to our clients when appropriate. Through our regular and comprehensive risk analysis, we inform the client about the sensitivity of his or her portfolio to various market shocks, in particular with equities and interest rates.

Examples of investment solutions



Our teams are able to offer structured products and compare prices between different issuers to give you access to the best execution. These can typically be asymmetric profiles guaranteeing coupons according to certain scenarios or Capital Guaranteed Products.


We also work a lot on thematic investments such as Technology, Climate Change, Ageing Population, offering you baskets if individual stocks that are likely to perform well.


For our clients whose main activity is related to a particular industry such as mining or pharmaceuticals, we build opportunistic hedging strategies.


In the case of a preference for bond coupons, we can recommend Investment Grade or High Yield Investments in different regions of the world to meet your return objectives.

Thanks to our innovative and award-winning technology, we are able to provide a unique service for aggregating banking and non-banking data across all accounts of a single customer. In most cases, our tools are directly connected to the client’s banks and interact on a daily basis, which is a great time saver, without compromising on quality, in a context where information is still very fragmented.

Our teams reconcile all transactions to produce a comprehensive report that reflects the client’s total wealth. There is no longer any need to connect to different portals. Even proprietary positions can be integrated. These can be works of art, car collections or private equity.

In addition to aggregated reporting, clients are given the possibility of benefitting from our global agreements with custodian banks and thereby achieving substantial savings.

In concrete terms, we monitor the investment managers by contacting them directly and gauging their performance and alignment with the defined risk parameters. If a manager deviates or underperforms, the client is informed and can then decide to implement the recommendations if he or she so wishes.

Clients can make informed investment decisions, based on the necessary elements we provide them with:


Our independence is core to our philosophy. When we present an investment opportunity to our clients, we ensure a best-in-class selection process without any financial enticement from the fund manager. We aim to propose the best investment vehicles with the lowest expense ratio so that our clients benefit from our institutional size. We apply the same unbiased selection process when introducing our clients to financial institutions. We select the best bank able to fulfil our clients’ needs, and access top tiers institutions at a rebate negotiated by GMG.

Our approach to risk combines an investment policy that takes into account strict restrictions in terms of weighting per investment, but also an optimisation system (optimizer) for asset classes based on their risk analysis in relation to expected return (risk/return analysis).

Our systems allow us to monitor market sensitivities (beta), as well as extreme deviations and risk contributions. Deviations in asset classes, sectors and currencies are also monitored periodically.

Example of fund monitoring/manager:

The Company does not receive any retrocessions on funds and we work on constantly aligning with our clients’ objectives. The Company may be required to create structured products for a specific customer, in which case structuring fees are charged transparently.

Our management team has extensive experience in portfolio management (private and institutional) and takes a disciplined approach to achieve performance objectives. For clients who wish to fully delegate their management to professionals, our team sets up customized mandates suited to the client’s risk profile. These mandates may be balanced, dynamic or conservative. We also offer absolute management mandates that are less sensitive to economic cycles.

In order to achieve return objectives, our teams of analysts perform due diligence with the managers (ETFs /long only /Hedge Funds) and evaluate them regularly to ensure that they are generating the best possible returns.

Our unique portfolio construction and risk monitoring tools ensure that our clients’ portfolios are always under control. It is through continuous monitoring of assets and a rigorous overall approach that a successful portfolio is built.

Alexandre Bourgeot

Alexandre spent the last 20 years working in the private banking industry in Paris, Luxembourg and Geneva. Prior to joining GMG, he spent 9 years…

Alexandre spent the last 20 years working in the private banking industry in Paris, Luxembourg and Geneva. Prior to joining GMG, he spent 9 years at HSBC in Switzerland as a Senior Investment Advisor, covering Middle Eastern clients. He specialized in derivatives at HSBC, CA-Indosuez, Julius Baer and Société Générale. Alexandre holds two Master’s degrees in Corporate Finance and Business Administration.

François Botta

Prior to joining the group, François worked as a private banker for Coutts and Co Suisse, covering the UK market and then for Union Bancaire Privée. He holds…

Prior to joining the group, François worked as a private banker for Coutts and Co Suisse, covering the UK market and then for Union Bancaire Privée. He holds a CFA and a Master in Business Administration from the Ecole des Dirigeants et Créateurs d’Entreprises in Paris. He speaks French and English.

Jacob Grapendal

Before joining GMG, Jacob held the position of CTO at the alternative fixed-income research company AXEOM where he engineered the company’s quantitative…

Before joining GMG, Jacob held the position of CTO at the alternative fixed-income research company AXEOM where he engineered the company’s quantitative facility. At GMG, Jacob covers projects relating to automatisation, data modelling and IT architecture.

Miguel Sampaio

Miguel Sampaio

Miguel has work in the banking system since 2003 and has held positions at several Swiss banks, including Société Générale…

Miguel has work in the banking system since 2003 and has held positions at several Swiss banks, including Société Générale, Royal Bank of Canada, and HSBC Private Bank. Miguel joined GMG in 2018 as Middle Office Officer and is responsible for monitoring daily transactions, developing client reports, and providing back-office support.

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