GMG signs partnership with global fintech private equity firm Moonfare

11 April 2022
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Geneva Management Group (GMG) is pleased to announce that it has signed a partnership with Moonfare, a leading global platform for private equity investing.

Moonfare benefits from privileged access to a large pool of high-quality and difficult-to-access private equity funds. The partnership allows GMG to offer its clients a richer choice of investment opportunities in an asset class traditionally reserved for institutional clients.

The Moonfare partnership strengthens GMG’s strategic orientation towards private equity for private clients following GMG Asset Management’s FINMA license extension to international private equity in 2021.

Private equity has continued to drive global growth in private markets in line with GMG’s positive stance on the asset class as part of its broader investment strategy. Private equity is the highest-performing private markets asset class with investments reaching an all-time high of $6.3 trillion in 2021. The partnership gives GMG clients access to high-performance funds selected by Moonfare, strengthening the group’s existing offer.

Commenting on the partnership, Dave Elzas, GMG’s Founder and Executive Chairman said:

“We are very pleased to have entered into our partnership agreement with Moonfare. Through this close cooperation, GMG will be able to provide its clients exposure to valuable private markets investment opportunities with star performing managers but at more suitable “ticket” sizes. At GMG we believe that private equity investments, and smart investments in technology companies in particular, hold significant upside potential for forward looking investors. We firmly believe that we are at the dawn of the largest industrial revolution to date, and we intend to follow our convictions by launching GMG’s proprietary technology fund.”

To date, Moonfare has offered more than 50 private markets funds from top general partners worldwide with an emphasis on private equity buyouts, US technology investments and real asset categories like infrastructure. Moonfare’s investment team is made up of PE-industry veterans and specialists , who carry out in-depth analyses in order to select the best performing funds. The platform offers users an intuitive digital experience and unique services such as a secondary market allowing them to sell their holdings, thus reducing the barrier of illiquidity attached to this asset class.

“We are delighted to be partnering with Geneva Management Group. Switzerland is a very important market for us and with this partnership, we are also showing our commitment to our clients in French-speaking Switzerland.” said Steffen Pauls, founder and CEO of Moonfare. “This step further cements our place as the digital private market provider of choice to private banks and independent wealth managers.”

About Geneva Management Group

The Geneva Management Group (GMG) is an award-winning asset manager and multi-family office established in 2000. Our structure and 20 years of experience allow us to provide an unparalleled service tailored to meet the dynamic and changing needs of individuals, families, intermediaries, institutions, and corporations.

In 2019, GMG Asset Management successfully obtained its FINMA license as manager of collective assets, allowing it to provide services to Swiss institutions and pension funds. As of 2021, its licence was expanded to international Private Equity investments.

Through its bespoke wealth management solutions, GMG assists its clients across the globe through every stage of the optimization and growth of their portfolios. With offices in Geneva, Zurich, Dubai, Johannesburg, and Mauritius, our clients benefit from a broad but centralized scope of expertise supported by a rich ecosystem of professionals.

About Moonfare

Moonfare offers individual investors and their advisors access to top tier private equity investment opportunities. The Moonfare platform provides an easy-to-use and secure end-to-end digital service and is designed to customise to different customer preferences. Clients have invested more than $1,7 billion on Moonfare’s platform. The company has a proven track record of partnering with a number of well-established private banks, family offices and wealth managers globally.

To date, Moonfare has offered 50 private markets funds from top general partners worldwide with an emphasis on private equity buyouts, technology and real asset categories like infrastructure. Headquartered in Berlin, Moonfare operates in 22 countries across Europe, the US and Asia and has offices in Berlin, Hong Kong, London, New York and Luxembourg, with more to open soon.

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