New financial markets.
Next generation solutions.

Fintech solutions

We assist corporations and individuals to both invest in Digital Assets as well as structure wealth derived from this new financial model.

Digital Assets and Blockchain technologies are disrupting the traditional financial environment and reshaping our industry.

GMG’s commitment to innovation has brought us to the forefront of fintech, thereby staying ahead of the curve. As an independent, institutional solutions provider we are expertly positioned to assist corporations and individuals to both invest in Digital Assets as well as structure wealth derived from this new financial model.

Our team of qualified financial professionals with a solid experience in trading, structuring, wealth planning and business management is on the cutting edge of this exciting dawn in financial markets. We offer expert solutions to service our clients along the entire Blockchain landscape: regulations, bank accounts, trading, cash-outs and investments.


  • Jurisdictional & regulatory guidance
  • AML/KYC industry recognized procedures
  • Tax advice

Crypto services

  • Bank account opening
  • E-wallet & cold storage
  • Cash-out management
  • Crypto-currency


  • Institutional trade execution
  • Partnerships with exchanges and liquidity providers

Investment solutions

  • Asset backed tokens
  • Investment in funds
  • Vehicles investing in crypto assets

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Our other alternative investments

Private Equity

We offer access to high-quality funds led by a highly experienced team and supported by a well-established ecosystem.

Real Estate

Our team of highly experienced professionals in the jurisdictions in which we operate offer local expertise and complementary skillsets, adding value and measuring risk.

Discover our Services

Family Office

We support our clients in optimizing the key elements of their wealth management strategy. Our advice and support are unbiased, independent and follow a holistic and sustainable approach.


Institutional in structure, but Boutique in philosophy, we are a FINMA regulated asset and investment fund manager with superior performance in Swiss equities.

Private Wealth Management

Our teams give you access to three areas of expertise: Discretionary management, Advisory and Deep Dive. We hold a long-term investment philosophy, based on the real economy and strong convictions.




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Press releases

Press releases

GMG appoints Belal Khan as CIO

Belal Khan will join GMG as Chief Investment Officer (CIO) of the group as of July 19, 2021.



Geneva IAM appoints CEO, enters private equity…

Geneva Management Group Asset Management will now be able to enter the international private equity market, it has announced, and is consequently…



The magnitude of cybercrime

Data breaches can be expensive. A recent IBM report highlighted that the cost of a data breach in 2020 was standing at $3.86mio. This year (2020), we’ve witnessed all-time high records for data lost in breaches and the sheer number of cyberattacks. In this newsletter, we touch upon what the rise of cybersecurity means for investors.